Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile And Grout Cleaning Service By Scottsdale’s Cleaning Experts

To get tile and grout looking their absolute best, you’re going to need more than a sponge and a cleaning spray from the grocery store. With enough ordinary wear and tear, dirt, grime, and potentially-dangerous contaminants can stubbornly settle into grout and tile. The results are dull, off-color looking areas, and dirty tiles in damp spaces may become magnets for mildew.

To achieve deep, thorough tile and grout cleaning, you need more than a consumer cleaning product. You need expert help from an experienced tile cleaning company. You need Spring Clean Scottsdale.

Whether it’s tile floors, tile backsplash, kitchen tile, bathtubs and showers, or even natural stone and travertine, we work with cutting-edge technology, products, and processes to get rid of dirt and grime that others are powerless to remove. We use vacuum power, heating equipment, and high-pressure rinsing to do the job better than anyone else.

  • We can help with cleaning grout of any color and any sort of ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • We also give you long-lasting mildew and stain protection by finishing every job with the application of a penetrating sealer.
  • We can even restore a “like-new” appearance to old tile and grout with our optional Grout ColorSeal
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All The Dirty Details – Tile & Grout

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Appointment Prep

At Spring Clean Scottsdale, our goal is to deliver the best possible results for every one of our customers. A few simple preparatory steps taken by you can help us do an even better job for you:

  • If possible, have a threaded cold-water faucet available for our use.
  • Please identify any specific areas of special concern when our technicians make their initial inspection.
  • We will handle any furniture moving required to access your tile. However, we ask that you please remove any fragile items from the pieces that will need to be moved. Our technician may also ask you to make other arrangements to move exceptionally heavy items or electronic equipment.
  • In most conditions, the sealers we apply dry within 30 minutes. We recommend keeping everyone in your family (particularly children and pets) off your freshly-cleaned tile during this time so that soil is not transferred to it. Please watch your footing if you must walk on tile floors while they are still damp.
  • Please wait at least 48 hours, if possible, before replacing moved furniture onto cleaned tile floors.
  • We will need to take special precautions to clean tiles or grout that are damaged. If you know of any areas where imperfections, installation problems, or damage have affected your tiles, please let our technicians know in advance.
The Tile-Cleaning Challenge
Although they’re incredibly durable, tile and grout are also notoriously hard to clean. Consumer-grade cleaning products and ordinary mops and brushes don’t get the job done, especially after dirt and grime have settled deeply into the surfaces. Let Spring Clean get after the problem with more powerful cleaning tools!

Our cutting-edge tile and grout cleaning methods can restore your tile floors, walls, and countertops to pristine and like-new conditions.

Why is it so hard to get tile clean? Why is grout extra-challenging — especially if it’s colored grout? It is mostly just a matter of gradual dirt build-up over time. Unwanted contaminants are constantly falling onto your tiles and grout, and over months and years, they will eventually lodge in the more porous surfaces (grout in particular) and stubbornly resist “do it yourself” cleaning attempts.

Spring Clean brings more power to bear on the process with our powerful, truck-mounted cleaning equipment. We can quickly, safely, and completely clean tile floors, walls, showers, and counters. Our process combines heat, vacuum power, and a specialized cleaning solution to deliver results that few others can match. A high-pressure rinse finishes the cleaning process by removing all traces of our cleaning solution.

Once your tile and grout are clean, our technicians will help them stay that way by applying a penetrating sealer. This protective layer will prevent stains and mildew growth for up to two years.

Our services go well beyond basic tile cleaning. If you have colored grout, ask our technicians about the added protection we can deliver with our process.

The Spring Clean team are the professionals for tile cleaning Scottsdale residents can trust to safely and effectively make your ceramic and porcelain tiles look like new! Looking for help cleaning stone surfaces (e.g. slate, marble, travertine, granite, Saltillo, etc)? We can help with that, too!

Color Sealing
Colored grout has been available for decades, and it enjoys consistent popularity with home and business owners who like the elegant effect achieved by matching the grout to the overall aesthetic design of a room. Colored grout can make the challenge of keeping tiled surfaces (floors, showers, countertops, and more) clean even harder, though. The porous nature of grout makes it highly susceptible to discoloration and contamination when it gets dirty.

The process sets up a tough, impermeable barrier on top of your grout, making it harder for contaminants to take root and extending the life of the grout material. Our sealants create a 100% non-porous surface that stops grout from absorbing liquids, dirt, or any sort of contaminant. This makes future cleaning easier. Spring Clean always uses ph-neutral cleaning products that remove surface dirt without damaging the sealant layer.

Our color sealers can even be used to restore or alter the color of your grout. Try creating a whole new look without the expense of replacing your tile! We have a huge range of color options for you. Thanks to the 10-year guarantee we offer on all of our grout color-sealing jobs, you can rest assured that the new, uniform color of your grout will resist staining, chipping, flaking, or peeling.

Give your tile surfaces an all-in-one deep clean and upgrade by combining our ordinary grout and tile cleaning service with the application of our proprietary process!

Additional Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Thanks to our effective deep cleaning method, we are certain we can remove even the most stubborn pet stains and old spills from your upholstery.

Area And Oriental Rug Cleaning

We clean oriental and area rugs with green mixtures that are totally safe for use. These cleaners are safe even for households with small children or pets.

Carpet Cleaning

We clean and maintain carpeting with our top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products that keep the environment in mind.

Mattress Cleaning

Accidents happen, and we don’t see why your mattress would be an exception. We can clean your bed from hair, dust, pet dander, and other dirt and stains.

Our Cleaning Services Come With Our Guarantee

When you put the Spring Clean team to work, you get the security of knowing that all of our cleaning and restoration services are backed by an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our residential cleaning services, we will launch our comprehensive 4-step process for solving your problem:

  • RECLEAN any and all surfaces that do not meet your expectations.
  • REFUND your service fees if you remain unsatisfied with our results.
  • REPAIR any damage incurred by our technicians – always at our own expense.
  • RECTIFY your problem if it remains. If we’ve damaged an unrepairable item, we will credit you with the item’s current cash value (according to industry standards) toward the purchase of a like replacement. (Note that replacement credits are contingent upon payment of fees for cleaning services.)

Why Choose Spring Clean Scottsdale

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Full Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer the cleaning industry’s best satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our work. We will not rest until you are fully satisfied with our services, and if that’s not possible, we will refund your money.​

Years Of Experience

Our customers have enjoyed more than a quarter-century of thoroughly professional cleaning services from Spring Clean.* We have more experience cleaning the toughest household surfaces than almost anyone in the business, and that experience shows in the unbeatable results we deliver.

Premium Customer Service

We would not have stayed in business if we didn’t understand that our customers are our top priority. You can expect completely professional, courteous, and quick service from our entire team, including both customer service reps and field technicians.

Spring Clean Technician Training

We take pride in employing the industry’s best-trained cleaning technicians. Every one of our techs passes a thorough background check and is trained to the highest standards before earning professional certification. You can always trust Spring Clean technicians to do their job properly — and to respect your home and belongings while they do it

Notably Better Results

Our combination of the best technology, training, products, and processes delivers superior cleaning results. We’re confident that you’ll be able to see the difference. Entrust your home to Spring Clean and you’ll enjoy cleaner, healthier, long-lasting surfaces throughout your ho

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

1 Room – Standard Cleaning


Minimum of 2 Rooms

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

We utilize many organic, safe substances for maintaining fresh and attractive wall-to-wall carpets. No harsh detergents or chemicals.

Mattress Cleaning

We can ensure your bed is devoid of embedded hair, skin, and various other fragments – plus stains.

Upholstery Cleaning

Need quality furniture cleaning? Give us a call – we’ll take out pet stains as well as old spills from your furniture using our deep steam cleaning approach.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleanings utilize mostly eco-friendly mixes that are secure for usage around even the smallest family members.

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